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Needles and Lilies

At the doctor’s office again. Waiting to get stabbed for blood. Again. Living with chronic illnesses can seem like one unending trip of visits to the doctor, phlebotomist and various specialists. I’ve learned to sit in the waiting room with... Continue Reading →


Fourth Craziness

I’ve had a lot of people call me the, and I quote, “crazy person who teaches… [insert Psychology, English, Health or Drama here]”. I am pretty enthusiastic and engaged when I am teaching. My style is to get my students... Continue Reading →

German? No, Mr. German

My husband took me out for dinner for my birthday. Afterwards we stopped at the grocery store. I decided to wait in the car. My knees have been hurting since I had influenza way back in February. It looks like... Continue Reading →

The Wrecking Crew

I really miss my kids. Some days more than others. For some reason today, my brain led me on a ramble about my children, my students, and my brother's high school buddies - The Wrecking Crew - and how that... Continue Reading →

You vs. I or Why Personal Responsibility is Important

Them, Us, Me, We... all of those pronouns we learned way back in elementary school have a point. When I was a child, Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla sang a really goofy song about it on School Houserock. It was bouncy and... Continue Reading →

Hamlet and Peter Pan

Hamlet and Peter Pan became inextricably linked in my life during the Spring semester of 2004. And now the Wendybird’s words to the Lost Boys are an everyday joke to our family. “Well, Ophelia dies. And Polonius dies. And the... Continue Reading →

Once every decade or so – or – what a lovely, lovely woman

I wrote this as a post on Facebook for Mother’s Day awhile back. I decided to resurrect it for my Mother’s birthday. A few days ago, I got an email asking about a cookbook. What Real Alaskans Eat: Not Your... Continue Reading →

Falling up the Stairs

A friend of mine asked me to write this story. It's not the sort of thing I usually record. But, I think we have all had moments like this. Moments when we have done something incredibly ridiculous. I have been... Continue Reading →

Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska

When the bloodsucker finished leeching me today at the doc’s office, Murphy and I decided to go for a drive out the road. I don’t take as many opportunities to do this as I should. She’s a two-year old Shiba... Continue Reading →

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