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Chewing on Freud

Our new puppy, as expected, has been chewing on everything he can reach. Unfortunately, Ranger managed to get one of the phone charging cables, but that’s my fault. I know he’s a curious little devil who is growing every time... Continue Reading →


Puppy for Christmas

My new puppy is named Ranger, after the Lone Ranger. All of his litter mates went to homes at six weeks. He had to fly to get to me though; so he wasn’t able to be here til eight weeks.... Continue Reading →

Forests and Patterns and Symmetry

One of the things I’ve always loved about walking through the cool green of a forest is closely examining the interconnected plants that grow within them. Lichens, moss, trees, bushes, small plants, and flowers all grow in this amazing intertwined... Continue Reading →

Resolution to Write

Two years ago I was retired from my job as an adjunct professor. And I resolved that once a week I would sit down and write. I brainstormed topics, set up folders and files, and created this blog on WordPress.... Continue Reading →

Hello Darkness

Today is the longest night of the year. All of us who struggle with depression - for whatever reason - can now look forward to the days, in the Northern hemisphere anyhow, slowly getting longer. I just got back from... Continue Reading →

Being thankful for my migraine app

I have often wondered if the reason the ancients engaged in trepanation was because of migraines. When mine get above level six, I can understand  the temptation to go find a drill and create a hole to relieve the pressure.... Continue Reading →

Hasta Luego – El tocadiscos está en la biblioteca

I’m no great scholar of the Spanish language. Obviously because I failed it at Harvard - twice. But today I’m headed to attend the memorial of the man who did his utmost to introduce me to the language during high... Continue Reading →

Organization was a love nest of snakes.

I actually wrote this to a student. Not during the years I taught high school. Seven years later when I was an adjunct. I nearly deleted it. Once before I had made a smart aleck comment and been very politely... Continue Reading →

Everyone was named “Honey”

Never tell me your name when there are 20 other people telling me their names. You will become one of the thousands of “Honeys” in my life. This was the bane of my teaching existence. I could tell you whether... Continue Reading →

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